Yes, you can make last-minute changes to your booking. If you have booked on corporate fares, you can change or cancel at any time with basic charges. The cancellations on corporate fares rage from Rs.99 to Rs. 999 depending on the airline. You need to contact your company administrator to get the complete list of cancellation charges.

 In some cases, you may find better deals online but you will not have the flexibility to cancel and change the bookings if needed. We have partnerships with wide range of hotels to guarantee the very best prices for our corporate travelers. We streamline your processes and make booking and reporting on business travel much more efficient.

It will usually take around 4-15 working days to refund you, depending on the airline. For International bookings, it vary from 10-21 days, depending on the airline. We keep you updated proactively. 

You can cancel right up to 4 hours before your departure, or before 24 hours on the first day of your stay for hotel bookings. If you have checked into your flight, there will be no refund.

Cancellation process is very simple. Access the booking in the booking queue and apply for cancellation or just notify us through the concierge and we’ll take care of it.

A travel policy is a set of rules that outline how employees should book and expense their business travel. With travel policies, you can easily add restrictions and exceptions to set the ground rules and encourage compliance when traveling.

You can update your travel policy as many times as you need to, there is no limit.

No, all third party integrations are available at no additional cost.

We have a very large inventory of hotel accommodation available. This gives your company maximum choice and caters to every need.

No, we do not expect a minimum business guarantee to use the software. The software is very simple & user friendly and the booking tool is completely free. You can start right away and reap the benefits instantly! 

Our business clients have access to corporate travel rates. Anyone in your organisation that is travelling for business purposes can take advantage of corporate travel rates for personal travel as well.

Different airlines take different approaches. However, in general as airlines have usually sold more tickets closer to the date, prices tend to go up. That’s why we advise booking as far in advance as possible to secure the best prices.

We offer exclusive corporate rates that you won’t find anywhere else, saving your money. Additionally, it is easier to manage any last changes and cancellations.

We offer comprehensive visa assistance services tailored specifically for our corporate travelers. Visa Requirement Assessment, Document Preparation and Review, Application Submission and Appointment Scheduling, Visa Status Tracking and Updates, Ongoing Support and Expert Advice. Trust us to handle the complexities of visa applications, allowing your employees to focus on their business objectives

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